Body Reboot 21 Day Challenge


Hey Seattle! You are invited to join our...

After a long year battling Covid 19, living in lockdown and staying sane in a pandemic, it's not surprising that you might not feel as fit or as strong as you want too.

Let’s face it, the last year has been challenging. You may be working from home, wrangling kids, zoom calling, and staying indoors more than normal. Your workout schedule may be in disarray or barely happening.

We get it! We have an answer to the pandemic blues! It's our Quarantine 15: Body Reboot 21 Day Challenge. This program is specifically designed to get you back in shape and back on track after staying home to stop the spread.  We've created a consistent training schedule and accountability system to help you Reboot Your Body and get back to normal!

In fact, we are going to help you start losing those extra pounds that you gained over the last year. We are going to help you regain the strength you lost due to inconsistent workouts. We are going to help you get your body back!

How will you get your body back, you ask?

At The Fitness Lab, we focus on strengthening your muscles to get your metabolism revved up. Our high intensity workouts are designed to burn more calories, before and after! Plus you'll get a nutrition plan to reign in any wayward eating habits that have upended your good eating routines.

I'm inviting you to be part of what we’re doing for the next 21 days. I’ll educate, support and guide you every step of the way. I’m going to take you by the hand and lead you through the process.  Plus we'll be holding our classes OUTSIDE! Can you say fresh air, lots of space and finally getting to hangout safely with people!

I know how to get you going FAST and keep you going, so the results come quickly

Does the Quarantine 15 got you feeling blue?

Your Training Starts

Monday, May 17th

Outdoor Training: In Person

I'm keeping our Quarantine 15: Body Reboot Challenge simple because you've got enough going on. This way, you can focus on exactly what you need to get done and have an action plan to get it done.

Online Training 6 Days a Week

Training Sessions: Outdoor and Online

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10am, & Noon
  • Tuesday/Thursday 7am
  • Saturday 9am (Moving outside in June)
  • All classes via Zoom

Private Coaching Session

• One-on-one Coaching to help you create the right goals for you and achieve them.

Private Facebook Group

• Accountability

• Motivation

• Community Support

The Cool Stuff

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6:30am
  • Outdoors in the Fresh Air
  • Physically distanced
  • Classes follow all WA State Covid Guidelines
  • Training sessions held at Ross Playground in Frelard, the amazing neighborhood between Fremont and Ballard

Lean Body Rules Nutrition Plan

• Focus on Eating Well

• A Simple to Follow Meal Plan

• Recipes and Tips

• Keep it Simple and Stress Free

Bonus Gift

Join our

Quarantine 15: Body Reboot 21 Day Challenge

and you'll also get our

5 Day Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge

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I'm loving the online workouts! I would not be able to get through all this craziness without the support of all the Fitness Lab coaches. Exercising has been my saving grace, thank you all for doing this and keeping us moving. Looking forward to working out in person soon

Kelley S.

Julie A.

It’s great to have The Fitness Lab adjust so quickly to our current challenge! Love the amazing coaches on a normal day and fabulous to have their great coaching and leadership at this time!!! Yay to Dillon, Bailey and Ginny for keeping us ‘Ballard Strong and Beyond Ballard Strong’

Marianne L.

I cannot say how much I appreciate the great virtual workouts the Fitness Lab Team has provided for us on a daily basis!

Such a mental AND physical boost for us, that we can do comfortably in our own homes, and still be challenged and engaged. It helps us stay connected (to our own bodies and each other) AND stay strong and healthy!

It's the creativity and forward thinking of folks like TFL that will power our ability to weather this crisis. It's hard to imagine getting through all of this without you! Glad we don't have to! Thank you, thank you , thank you!

Julie K.

Thank goodness I am back to my daily gym classes with The Fitness Lab (TFL)! Granted they are different from my living room and laptop but the results are the same.

I love that Dillon and the trainers at TFL are keeping classes available to us. Our health is more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis...both physical and mental. My TFL online classes serve both.